As the week of teacher days nears its close, it’s time for the teachers and students to see eachother face to face.  As of now, a few of us has some names on paper, maybe an old school picture in a file, but no real snapshot of our new kids.  I think it’s fair to say we are both a little anxious for this first meeting.

Tomorrow, teachers will be putting those finishing touches on the room, and maybe the kids will be running around for that last yellow folder.  Either way, the worlds will collide by dinner tomorrow night, and we will all have an idea of how the First Day of School will play out.

First Day Jitters are universal.  I’ve had a lot of first days as a student and teacher, and no matter how many I seem to survive, I still have sweaty palms and butterfly stomach as I meet the little people I will share my days with for the next year.  So kids?  Know it’s not just you–it’s everyone.

Besides, we can always talk about all those school supplies.  :)