5 More hours in the day would do it…


3:30 Dentist appts for Kids 1, 2, 3

4:00 Found a cavity in Kid 1, fix said cavity

4:45 Feed Kids 1, 2, 3

5:00 Kids 1, 2 homework and reading

5:30  Kid 2 baseball practice

6:30 Kid 3 soccer practice

7:30 Kid 1 gymnastics

9:00  Mommy collapses

Part of it is my fault.  I purposely tried to pile as many things I could on Thursdays to ensure at least ONE free night at home.  But, between mine and my husband’s extracurricular activities, and my kids’ ever-increasing activities, it’s hard to get to that dinner table to eat as a family.  And you know what they say about those families that “eat together”…only wonderful things happen in their lives.  The pressure of mealtime!  So, tonight we ate McDonald’s super early to get some of those Roses, Thorns, and Buds in there.  I did skip out on the play area, opting for the drive-thru, and eating at the dinner table.  I’m hoping maybe that gives me a few more bonus points in the long run, too. 

It’s either that or permenant insomnia.  I can’t decide which would be more useful.