Reunion came to a close Saturday night, and even with the best intentions of retiring to sleep early in the evening, we spent the early morning hours on a porch retelling old stories about childhood, high school, and of course, those long lost ball game moments.  Some of the same stories are retold year after year, but this year I was surprised to hear a few new ones–specifically about my husband. We are quickly approaching our fifteenth wedding anniversary, and it seems I still have a lot to learn!  Apparently, he might hold the record for most licks received throughout his public school career, and has the witnesses to prove it!  Somehow all my mothering woes are becoming more understandably crystal clear after hearing about his constant antics and just plain bad luck.  Everyone gathered around literally laughed out loud as we took turns reliving some embarrassing, surprising, and albeit rebellious moments.  It was just a few short hours, and it was the perfect way to end another week of celebrating in our favorite Small Town.

As the carnival drew to a close, some cabins began the process of cleaning out refrigerators or taking down their decorations.  There was a certain wistfulness in the air seeing the clean up begin, knowing we were closing our eyes on Reunion for another year.  The dads slept in the cabins so they could wake early and finish the clean up before the temperatures rose to over 100 (well, they hoped to do that anyway,)  By noon all the cabins were showing signs of closing down, and the carnival was preparing to travel to the next town.  Soon the gates will be locked, and the entire area will seem like a ghost town just waiting for the next last week in July.

As I tucked the Scroggins Hoodlums into bed tonight, they were already nostalgic about the end of this Reunion, and making plans for the AMAZING Reunion we will have next year.

And, I have to admit, while I’m fighting my own spazzed out body clock tonight, the combination of warm fuzzies from the late night porch stories, and the happy snuggles from the exhausted kids in bed feeds my sappy side until I’m just about stuffed.  I think they say that’s when your cup runneth over.  I suppose mine just about is.