I think the 2 a.m. bedtimes were wearing on both the hoodlums and myself last night, so we came in early at 1:30 a.m.  That’s what we call “Reunion Logic.”

I might instill an Early Wednesday Bedtime tradition after experiencing some wonderful emotional meltdowns and a very intense water balloon fight–both of which zapped the energy of each of my three Reunion Marathon Runners.

We did manage to salvage the night in the last minutes thanks to a game of Spoons.  I can’t take the credit, but one of my friends gathered some weary balloon soldiers, sat them around a card table, and began teaching some card sense.  I was also a newcomer to the game, and very excited to see the kids holding a REAL deck of cards and playing a game that involved something other than miniature houses, dice, or very tiny pieces of important plastic. It was a compete success, and I was laughing as the kids “drew bad cards” and “got four of a kind!”  Promises were made to play again and again this Reunion and every other Reunion for ever and ever and ever.

And, that’s what we call “Reunion Tradition.”