One of the novelties of Reunion Week is the time warp that occurs out on those carnival grounds.  Granted, we try not to go out there until 8 or so, given the record temperatures that always occur during this time of year, so after dinner, and a few rides, the fun doesn’t REALLY get started until 11…or 12…or 1.   That’s when the water balloon fight starts to twindle, and the kids start to retrace their steps home for board games, snacks, cards, and sometimes even sleep.


Once the kids have sufficiently passed out from exhaustion, the parents can sit and chat uninterrupted, and WHAM!  It’s four in the morning.  Last night we packed up a little early, and were safely back home by 3:30, but my old bones are already feeling the effects of these late/early nights only three days in.

But hey, it’s Reunion.  That’s what we do.

Time to coordinate naptimes…both mom and kid so that we can rally for Day 3.