And here we are again at the hottest week of the year-the week we all pack up our kids, our food, our money, and our pillows to head out to our own little shanty town of fun.  My kids are excited out of their skin that this week is FINALLY here.  They are planning their water balloon strategies during the day, and mapping out their carnival rides by night.  Most of all, they are wallowing in the lack of bedtime, the abundance of fun time, and in this all too familiar-yet unique week of the year.

My kids are old enough now to start the process of “checking in.”  They are old enough to know where specific cabins are located on the intricate map of reunion home sites.  They are old enough to remember the antics of past reunions, and to plan future antics for when they are “old.”  This week is carving a special place in their memories, and an even more special place in their sentimental hearts.  It makes me smile to see them so excited–so happy to be in their small town and with their friends in family.  It makes me know we are home.