The summer is whizzing by, and although we’ve been busy with some family bonding with relatives, some lake fun here and there, summer camps, and a little waterpark action, the most recent reason for my slacking in the Blogworld was because my husband and I ran away for a few days.

Well, perhaps running away is putting it a bit dramatically, but we did scurry off to Las Vegas last week to spend a few days with some favorite friends.  In wandering through the airports, big casinos, and fancy restaurants, I noticed that without the responsibilities of my children around me, I really am a laid back kind of person.  Most of the time, I see myself as this neurotic, spastic ball of stress–organized stress, but still–stress.  Not stress in the “world is going to end” kind of way, but in more of a “how am I going to get all this crap done in one day” kind of way.  And really, stress is the word I use to describe the feeling, but I’ve never really thought that was the right word for the feeling.  If you know of what word it is, please let me know.  But, out there in the land of not herding cats (or hoodlums in my case), I feel like I have it more together.  I can keep up with one bag, one purse, one ticket, and one person no problem!

Sort of.

I guess in theory I can do all of those things, but in reality when I’m not multitasking for multiple people I get so distracted by the absence of a to do list I wind up not paying attention to much of anything–and do things like drop my driver’s license in the airport, forget my wallet in my carry on only to wind up without money at the front of the starbucks line, pack unsensible shoes, binge read, and sleep.  A lot.

I might be broken.

We have a Date Week coming up soon for our 15th anniversary.  I may need to go to some kind of “taking the spaz out of you” boot camp before we go.  At least I’ll have a good date to keep me company.