We are back from our July 4th Lake Extravaganza–a little sunburned, a little sore, and a little exhausted…but a lot happy.

The Lake is one of our favorite Family Fun Getaways.  We take a break from work, daily routine, cell phones, most electronics (with the exception of late night wind downs with maybe an itouch or two), and even air conditioning.  We trade all those luxuries for lawn chairs, life jackets, tubing, swimming, tetherball, and lots of family bonding.  We share yummy sandwiches (because sandwiches are always yummier at the lake), “lake nachos”, iced drinks, good music, great conversation, and lots and lots of frozen popsicles.

It’s nothing fancy, but it’s something special.  My husband grew up playing in the lake.  He looks forward to Lake Time more than anyone else I know, and rises to Cloud 9 as soon as he sees the water line.   He can tell story after story about his cousins and their adventures in the same yard, on the same road, and in the same waters.  Before we had kids, we would spend days at the lake just the two of us–me trying to learn to ski (unsuccessfully), him cooking a barbeque treat, and the both of us planning our future.  Once we entered parenthood, our babies were on the lake before they could walk, literally.  We held our daughter’s 2nd birthday party at the lake, and my son was one month old.  All three kids have had countless baths in the Lake Sink, the same sink my husband was bathed in as a toddler.  We’ve taken unofficial family vacations at the Lake.  Cousins congregate, and new adventures take place on the same little piece of ground.  It’s almost like a continuous family reunion.  Stories are retold year after year.  Conversations are revisited, and plans are always made for the next visit–the next summer.

It’s a favorite Summer Tradition–just as special as decorating the Christmas Tree in December, or hunting Easter Eggs in the Spring.  We look forward to it every year, and always wish for more Lake Time when we leave–even with the occasional dysfunctional moments of throwing rocks at eachother’s heads (true story).  Like I said, it’s not fancy and the hoodlums are far (very far) from perfect, but between the two it’s perfect for us.