Everyone seems to have their own Independence Day Traditions.  For us, it usually involves a lake, some cheetos, and an inevitable sunburn.  I’m especially looking forward to a few days being water-logged in this five million degree heat.

But, on top of the cheeto-filled fun, we also sometimes partake of the Fourth of July Fireworks-which always make me anxious.  Is it just me, or does giving your small child a miniature piece of a dynamite-like substance just seem wrong?  I know I’m a fuddy duddy when it comes to explosives, but they ALL make me NERVOUS!!  Our kids love the parachutes, the little throw-on-the-ground-snapper-thingies, the spin-around-making-a-very-shrill-noise-contraptions, and always…always the OH SO LOUD blackcats.  I just wish we’d all get a few sparklers and spell our names in cursive and be done with it–go find some lightning bugs afterwards.  Those are just as shiny, right?

I would almost have a case if the Daddy of our house wasn’t as excited about the ignited toys as the kids.  In addition to all the goodies outlined above, he likes to invest in the kind that actually fly into the air and try to explode.  Most of the time, things have worked out ok for us, but I’m not going to lie.  We have fires and ashes in our past.  It wasn’t pretty–and all the more justification for my explosive phobias.

This year (as I grin from ear to ear) there is a burn ban (HOORAY!), so maybe we will be able to duck and cover from this little part of the tradition until next time–or all of our kids are in double digits.  I just really thing double digits are in order when playing with fire.

Whatever your traditions, explosive or otherwise, sing a few patriotic songs, have a hot dog, and be sure to be just sappy enough about our Country to get a few goosebumps.

No matter the 500 degree heat.