Last week I double booked the kids’ dentist and orthodontist appointments–four appointments within the same two hours at two different offices. I’m awesome, but even I was going to have issues with getting all the kids to their allotted appointments at the correct times.

So, I sheepishly asked for help.

Here’s how it went down:

Kid 1 went into Dentist 1 for a cleaning.  As Kid 1 finished, Kid 2 went in for a cleaning, and Kids 1 and 3 hopped in the car to drive across town to Dentist 2.  In the meantime, Dentist 1 watched over Kid 2.  When we approached Dentist 2′s office, I dropped off Kid 1 for braces assembly; Kid 3 and I went back to Dentist 1 to retrieve Kid 2 and get Kid 3′s teeth cleaned.  Dentist 2 was all too happy to cover the watch on Kid 1 while I went back to Dentist 1′s office to finish the cleanings on Kids 2 and 3.  In the end, we finished the afternoon with three sets of cleaned teeth, and one set of braces.

There are lots of things I love about this little town, but who knew it would be dentist appointments?