Kid wardrobes have constant turnover–mostly because the little hoodlums keep growing (darn vegetable eating!), but sometimes the clothes simply wear out (boy clothes specifically on that one).  So, when my daughter was a baby, and I realized just how fast she was going to grow out of the adorable outfits we had painstakingly collected, I quickly devised a Hand-Me-Down Plan.

The Plan:  a big plastic tote at the bottom of her closet.  As she grew out of clothes, I’d put the “keepers” in the tote (for future bundles of joy), and the stained, worn out, or just plain bad fashion choices in another pile (for future garage sales).  And, so it went.  As our second bundle arrived, I continued the Tote Plan–this time saving boy clothes for any third bundles that might come our way.  By year five in our parenting adventure, our attic was a virtual clothing store for any newborn-5T wearing fashionistas.

The totes came in quite handy for our third hoodlum/bundle of joy.  With both the Big Brother clothes, and generous offerings from friends, we have virtually clothed my youngest on about a five dollar budget.  Which, I thought, was pretty awesome since I was clothing three evergrowing bundles.

But, this week, during the every-six-month-whether-we-need-it-or-not-closet-clean-out, I unpacked the last tote of clothes.  (Sniff, Sniff)  My boys are now so close in size, that as I cleaned out my older son’s closet, I simply moved the clothes from Big Brother to Little Brother’s closet.

It makes me a little sad to know that I don’t have a box of clothes ready and waiting for me to unpack and remember all the cute things that were done in each outfit-from summer vacations to Christmas traditions.  But, I suppose that’s what happens to these kids.  They eat their vegetables, grow, and eventually get their own wardrobe–that I guess I will need to purchase!

It’s just the Mommies that are left with empty totes and pictures of fashion memories.