I’m exhausted.

I spent the better part of today trying to problem solve this cell phone situation.  I started with the point of purchase-the Wal Marts.  I explained my predicament, and how the phone seemed to just die in the air.  Unfortunately, after close inspection in the flourescent lights, a crack appeared in the corner.  That crack labeled me with “user neglect,” and they would not return my broken phone.

I was defeated.

Their advice was to go to the corporate Sprint Store, and beg forgiveness, and hope for a screen change.  Having had quite a few broken phones over the years, I did not have a ton of confidence in the corporate store, or in their sympathy for me.  Instead, I started calling.  And calling.  And calling.

I gave up after a few hours–never able to get through to the Cell Phone Powers in Charge.  Instead, I called our local store and told my woeful story, and describe my desperate need for a calendar (with reminder beeps.)  After much conversation and further explanation, the verdict? 

Sprint sent me back to the Wal Marts, citing their 30 day return policy; I have the option to return the phone within 30 days, no matter the condition of the phone. 

So, I shlepped back, but with only an inkling of hope left in me.

But, when I explained all the other explanations that had been explained to me, and in great detail, Wal Mart agreed.  They returned the phone, and gave me a brand new, WORKING phone.  I was over the moon with gratitude, and must have thanked them no less than a hundred times.  It didn’t matter that I’d spent the day explaining and re-explaining a situation that could have been solved earlier in the day–well, it mattered a little. 

But, only a little.  I’m all too happy to having a working phone and calendar now, and to be connected with the real world once again.

Just another day in my crazy, mixed up, wacky, disorganized life.  I suppose I’m used to it.