Last night our Spring Baseball Season came to an end, much to my son’s dismay…and there was much dismay.  When it was apparent that there was no comeback in sight, he broke down on the field–completely heartbroken at the fact that not only was there not going to be good baseball at that moment, but there would be no more baseball for this month.  Add the fact that he struck out and was tagged out at first, and let’s just say it was disappointment overload.  To combat the disappointment, there was foot stomping, rock throwing, bench bounding, more crying, and I’m almost certain second grade cussing.

Oh boy.

This is my sensitive child-the one whose heart is almost identical to my own, and the one who wears that heart on his sleeve, so of course, I understood what he was FEELING.  The problem was, he was not showcasing those feelings very well.  A few times during the game, my husband looked sternly in my direction telepathically communicating to me that my DNA was not conducive to baseball behavior.  So, I knew the “Good Sport Talk” was put directly on my list of Super Fun Monday Night Activities.

So, we had the talk.  Throughout the talk I kept thinking that this was one of those things I hadn’t planned on having to teach-I thought good manners and good sportsmanship were a given, literally a part of the Human DNA.  But, not so much I guess.  I think it was a successful talk, but only the next REALLY disappointing game will tell.  I think I will challenge my little competitor to a game of checkers tonight and dominate just to make sure it all really did sink in.