When the kids were babies, my husband and I went through the usual growing pains of adding the parenting element to our marriage.  Suddenly, there was this WHOLE OTHER PERSON in our lives that we had to care for, and care for really well.  Those growing pains consisted of many “conversations” where we discussed the “to dos” of taking care of babies, but ultimately the general planning of that time of our life was left up to the Mom-diapers, bottles, formula, toys, clean outfits, snacks, spoons, naptimes, and strollers just easily fell into my court.   He was still very involved, tackling dirty diapers when he could, but ultimately the knowing the amount of dirty diapers to account for was mine.  I know in some couples the roles are flip flopped, and the dad is the Great Organizer of Stuff, but for us, that was how things went down.  That system went on through the toddler and preschool years, and now we are knee deep in the elementary years.

But, this weekend I had an epiphany!

The daddies are REALLY GOOD at the elementary years!  Without realizing it, I looked around and found myself sitting in a group of friends, KIDLESS.  The daddies took it upon themselves to teach fishing, and baseball, or to throw kids from one area of the pool to another, and the mommies didn’t have to think about it!  I was so thrown off by all the relaxing, I forgot how to function in my own little society, forgetting caprisons, bread, swimsuits, and other random items we needed on our Memorial Day Weekend extravaganza.  We muddled through, problem solving our way through snacking and swimming, and I bathed in the thought that a little of my brain my be coming back to me.

I’m a little out of practice using my brain for my own thoughts, but I plan to work on that through the summer–and those of you in the baby/toddler/preschool years, just wait!!  Your brain will return someday, too.  :)