Spring is really busy for the Scroggins Clan-this spring especially with Softball, Tball, and Baseball.  Every night we are either running to a practice or a game and squeezing in homework in the in between minutes.  It really does make for a very crazy couple of months.

But, in some ways, it makes for a super fun couple of months, too–in a warm, fuzzy, Hope Floats kind of way, of course.  Shuffling kids (all kinds of kids-Scroggins kids, non-Scroggins kids) from practice to practice, watching the dads coach, the moms visit, and the siblings run wild, makes me smile, and the whole world seems to slow down for just a few minutes.  This small town sports arena is filled with people we know in our everyday lives, and we cheer on each other’s kids every week.  We watch the strike outs, the dropped balls, and the bad pitches, and at the same time we watch the singles, doubles, triples, fly-balls, and curve balls.  We wait together for that perfect play, that perfect game.  We celebrate those victories, and hash out the defeats.  But, when the crowd cheers, they cheer for the kids–all the kids.

And, those afternoons in the sun with my friends, watching our kids play, learn, and grow right before our eyes–those are quickly becoming some of my favorites.