Do all husbands turn up the TV to decimals so high the surrounding counties have surround sound courtesy of us?

Good Grief!

I always cite TiVo and the invention of the DVR as something that saved our marriage-the fact that live TV could be PAUSED so that my husband and I could continue a conversation instead of “waiting for the next commercial.” Which, by the way, was never a great plan for marital communication because 1-one or both of us would forget what we were talking about by the next commercial, or 2-I was not impressed by said wait time, and the conversation turned into more of an activity of “how to prioritize.”  So, with the invention of the PAUSED TV, our communication was saved, and we are blissfully more happy.

And then, the volume issue arrived.

I like the volume so low I have to practically read lips to know what’s going on.  Extreme, I know.  But, I like calm.  On the other hand, my husband likes to feel as though he is PART OF the television experience, actually IN space, ON the beach, or IN the crime scene And, he’s not the only one.  I’ve witnessed the same phenomenon in other husbands.

Plus, I think it gets worse with increasing years.

Is there an invention that I’m not aware of to cure us of the Volume Woes?