It’s funny how music can soothe a soul in three minutes, thirty seconds or less.  Today I came home from school wound up like a rubber band.  May is more crazy than I remember as a teacher, or maybe now that my children are in school I see the crazy of May inside and out–in either case, it’s crazytown at home, at school, and in the car.  Wednesday is usually our activity-free day, so after we worked on Science Fair for a bit, I took time to make an itunes playlist just for me–first time ever!  I love great music, but the detail work of actually making a playlist has always eluded me.  I’ve worked well with the itunes Genius mixes or even better-Pandora Radio.  But, I had some time watching the lightning pass through this afternoon and decided to give it a whirl.  Let me tell you, not only was it super fun to go through our music library and find all my favorite songs, it was also very therapeutic!  After my list of 345 songs was made, I turned up the volume and had an old fashioned dance party with the kids right here in the living room.  Of course, they didn’t approve ALL my songs, mainly Beatles or Conway Twitty, but I threw them a few bones and included the Black Eyed Peas in my eclectic list.  The eye rolling, laughing, and singing during the thunderstorms was the perfect way to unwind my wound up self, and prepare for a crazy Thursday and Friday of this week.

I highly recommend it. 

No, really.  I do.