This week I am sending my oldest child off to camp via Elementary School.  We checked and rechecked our “camping checklist” today to ensure we had all we needed, and now are just waiting until the magical hour arrives.

Is it weird that I feel weird sending her off without me?  I’ve never sent her to camp before, and if she’s been away from home it’s been with family or very very close friends.  At camp, she will be the boss of her own clothes, teeth, bed, water bottle, and manners.  At camp, she will need to listen, comprehend and follow directions without a firm “Mommy Look” from me.  At camp, she will be independent.

I realize she should be independent at school already, but we discuss her planner, binder and assignments daily.  This is ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT, for lots and lots (okay, two) nights.  I’m not worried about her safety or even her fun factor.  In fact, I guess I’m not worried at all, just disheveled–disheveled at sending my child out into the wild, and in charge of herself.

Can she do that???