Pretty eventful weekend for the Decatur Skies, don’t you think?  My husband and I love a good storm, but our kids…not so much.  They have a little drama in their blood and go into full freak-out-mode as soon as the word “tornado” is uttered on the news.  We have explained and re-explained that in all of our years we have lived through hundreds, maybe thousands (?) of thunderstorms and tornado warnings…and yet we are here to tell about it.  You’d think that would ease their little worries, but alas, it doesn’t.  My middle child is certain the tornadoes have a GPS aimed our direction, and in between watching the Weather Channel on our phones and watching the rain, he is making a duck-and-cover plan for the whole family.

Hey, it’s good to have a planner in the family.

They did get a kick out of the hail on Saturday night though-I guess they’d never seen chunks of ice fall from the sky and not turn into sheets of ice that could cause Snowapaloozas. 

Take Home Message:  Texas Weather is educational and fun for the whole family!!–As long as we all adhere to that duck and cover plan and stay safe.  :)