Once upon a time, there was a Little Brother playing in the parking lot at his big brother’s baseball game.  As he was running with his friends, engaging in very loud, imaginary play, another little boy called him a name.  A not very nice name.  A name like (shh!) DUMMY. 

So, the Little Brother took the opportunity to give this boy the what for.  In five-year-old world, that meant chasing and threatening.  The Name Caller climbed his mom’s minivan to escape (yes, actually climbed to the roof of her car), and the Little Brother tried to follow suit.  At that point, the mommies noticed the hate and discontent being played out on the parking lot.  The Little Brother’s Mommy walked over, sternly explained that crawling on cars was NOT ok, and thought to herself that she’d never thought she would have to explain such a thing.  In the meantime, the Name Caller told her that the Little Brother was trying to “beat him up.”  As the Mommy thought to herself, “Really?”, she learned a few more details about the Name Caller, and told the Little Brother to just walk away.  Be nice, have good manners, and walk away.

As the Little Brother did, he turned over his shoulder, glared at the Name Caller, and in the most sinsiter voice, said, “See you Next time.”

As the Little Brother and his accomplice walked away, they made plans to retaliate against the injustice in the world.

…to be continued.

Should we enroll in drama classes now?