All that Spring Cleaning might just pay off this weekend-literally!  Decatur is hosting a community wide garage sale this Saturday, and we have merged with some friends and been put ON THE MAP.  My attic is already thanking me, and yesterday when we were organizing the loot to sell, I found a few treasures I didn’t even know I needed!

Since we’ve had all these kids, we’ve had a few garage sales through the years, and one little tradition that we started and the kids love is the Lemonade Stand.  Around here it can be a little difficult to set up a true Lemonade Stand on a hot summer day and actually get any customers to stop.  But, on Garage Sale day, there are TONS of customers, and they always fall victim to the cute, smiling faces manning the Stand.  Last year was the first year I let them do it all on their own, from making the lemonade to making the change.  They did a pretty good job, and made a whopping ten bucks in the end (that’s a lot when you consider each glass was only a ten cents!).

This year they are planning the lemonade stand again between softball, tball, and baseball games.  It might not be as lucrative as in past years with the inconsistent employee schedule, but I’m guessing it will be just as much fun.

So everyone gear up for a day of shopping Decatur Garages!  You never know the treasures you might find on someone’s lawn, and the gleam you might ignite in a child’s eye!