Everyone has that one school picture from their elementary years…the one where your hair is ratted, your clothes don’t match, and you probably didn’t brush your teeth.  Looking back I just figured those pictures were taken before my full sense of fashion really kicked in.  But, in reality, I think I have to blame my mom.  (Sorry Mom!!)

Today is group picture day on my kids’ campus, and while it registered in my brain that we had to be at school at a certain time for a group picture, it didn’t register in my mind that we WERE ACTUALLY TAKING A GROUP PICTURE!  I’m pretty sure my kids are wearing mismatched clothes (as I let them make their own fashion statements daily), and I had to borrow a brush to calm my daughter’s bedhead hair.  Despite the fashion faux pauxs, I do believe they have clean teeth, and urged them to try to be tall so they could be in the back row.  At that, I had to let it go.  They will look back on this picture and blame their mother, too.  Sometimes, hard as it is to believe, the Mom just drops the ball.

Oh well, I guess it’s all part of the journey.