We love camping at our house.  My husband and I started camping in college, and it quickly became one of our favorite hobbies–enough so that we centered entire vacations around which state parks we would visit and set up camp.  Once the babies came along, the camping slowed a little, although we still tried to fit it in where we could.  Now that they are older, camping would be another fantastic plan, but now we have the problem of our Calendar…so camping has to compete with baseball, school, piano, etc.

Solution:  Backyard Campout

That’s how we spent our weekend.  We pitched tents, few kites, and played kickball.  I’d wanted to include s’mores and hot dogs around a campfire, but the one million hour winds shot that part of the plan down.  We improvised and cooked s’mores in the oven (I didn’t even know you could do that!), and I think still had a Super Fun time…not to mention a budget-friendly time.

Moral:  Backyard Campouts are crazy, cheap family fun!