Wow!  We just returned from our very first experience in the Youth Fair, and my daughter is floating around from cloud to cloud–so excited at her winning entries!  At first we were a little overwhelmed at the Woman’s Building, finding our way to the photographs, baked goods and crafts, but once we got our bearings and saw the ribbons, all the confusion faded around us.  Like I said, literally jumping from cloud to cloud.

In addition to celebrating our winning entries, we were Super Pumped to see our friends’ entries and Champion Status.  I think it was a big ah-ha moment to see those hours and hours of work turn into real success, and I’m hoping it made a deep impression! 

We wandered through the animal barns, watched a friend show his pig, and made plans to possibly, (maybe) enter an animal next year.  (I’m still not sure about that one!)

Overall, I think it was a successful week for the many participants, and for one little girl in our house–a week of smiles and rewards.  And THAT I can celebrate more than anything.