You made my day, and even though it’s only Tuesday, you may very well have made my week.

Thank you.

As you know, we are celebrating the year of FIVE at our house this week, and today was the actual DAY of FIVE, so we tried to make it a little extra special.  Part of that was stopping by the wonderful Cakes by Leisha on the square to pick out a birthday cupcake.  She’s one of the few that takes the time to explore the strawberry world instead of leaving it all to chocolate and vanilla.  In fact, as we were trying to make our choice, she volunteered to ice a cupcake WITH SPRINKLES just for our little man.  Now that’s just some extra special service with a smile right there.

As we were celebrating our cupcake, distracted by looking at pictures of wonderful cakes, a nice man bought our little man his birthday treat.  Just right there in the middle of the cupcake shop, in the middle of our little town, a stranger splurged on a cupcake for another stranger.  A littler stranger, but still, a stranger.

Maybe it would have happened in the big city, but it really did happen here in our small town.  One little act that made a huge impact on our celebration, our day, and my faith in other people.

Sir–you made a difference today, in the sugary smile of a five year old, and in the sappy heart of his Momma.  And all it took was a cupcake, who knew?