Today we hosted a birthday party for my baby.  My baby that is turning FIVE YEARS OLD.  It’s just amazing to me to think that he is as old as my daughter was when he was born.  She seemed so big to me at that time!  So grown up–practically on her way to college.  My baby on the other hand?  Didn’t he just graduate from the crib??  He doesn’t seem capable of having five years under his belt.  We will be registering for school soon, and he will march into Kindergarten next year with all the other little guys.  I suppose he’ll even learn to read soon, try out for the football team, and get his driver’s license.

We celebrated with a jump house in the backyard, complete with a slide and a basketball goal.  I think he jumped for six hours straight, in the super cold winter weather blown in especially for the day.  Mario Brothers topped his cake, and he managed to blow out his candles all on his own.  Being the youngest of three kids, I really see him giddy when there is a day that’s all his own, and from beaming at church this morning when they announced the birthdays, to snuggling with his new toys tonight, I think he had the best day of his five year old little life.

It just seems like yesterday we brought home that little baby burrito…and now he’s jumping, sliding, and running his way to six.