Spring Break is over, we’ve unpacked, piled the laundry, and tried to remember our daily routine.  It’s truly amazing how fast we can adapt to a new environment and schedule.  We spent the week in San Antonio, having some intense Mom & Kid Bonding Time while my husband spent the days learning new and improved Work Skills.  It was wonderful to get away for a few days, and the kids were SUPER pumped to spent time in a hotel.  Honestly, I think we could check in to the Decatur La Quinta and they’d be just as excited.  Hotels are the Most Impressive Invention in their eyes, what with the beds in one room, the pool, and the elevators. Either we’ve set the bar pretty low as far as entertainment goes, or I’m just missing something entirely.  We took time to visit the Alamo (where my youngest asked if my Dad fought in that Battle-I had a good long laugh at that one!); we took time to swim (in the heated pool!); we took time to go to a Children’s Museum (along with EVERYONE else in San Antonio–maybe Texas!).  We went out to dinner in the evenings, and ordered DESERT!  Yes, I think we have set that bar pretty low, because this was the cause of MUCH HAPPINESS.  In the midst of all this excitement, a miracle happened.  I don’t know if it was the black out curtains, the sight seeing, the time change, or the sub arctic thermostat temperature, but everyday (EVERYDAY!) the hoodlums slept until at least 10:00.  So, while I stayed up late reading page after page in my latest novel addiction, procrastinating my to do list, I also had the benefit of SLEEPING IN.  It’s been almost ten years since I slept after 8:00 am for more than one consecutive morning.  I almost didn’t believe the clock when we finally stirred everyday.  That might have been the best birthday, Christmas, and Mother’s Day present possible.  And now as I write down all the upcoming baseball practices and Youth Fair entries, I’m channeling those days of sleeping in, browsing sights in another city, corralling hoodlums, and hoping it gives me the little umph I need to focus as I wistfully look at the Spring Wildflowers starting to bloom along the road sides.  Because, with Spring Break, comes Spring Fever, and mine might just be on the rise.