When my daughter was two years old, I had a very definitive “a-ha” moment one morning while loading up the car.  As usual, I was shlepping back and forth carrying diaper bags, car toys, the (new baby brother) carrier, the sippy cups, the essential diet coke, and finally, her.  Of course, because of all the shlepping, I was running late, and trying to hurry her along, when she literally stopped by the flower beds, bent down, and smelled the flowers.  In my usual way, I think I actually said, “Come on!  We can’t stop to smell the flowers!”  I decided in that moment that Mother Nature was trying to tell me to actually, in a very literal sense,  stop, slow down, and smell the roses.  Experience daily life.  Watch my children grow.  From that moment, I have consciously made an effort to slow down, to keep to the idea of a schedule, but not worry about the few minutes lost here and there, to embrace life on a minute by minute basis.  And yes, most times I actually have to tell myself to slow down and just watch.

But, after a few days walking around on the San Antonio River Walk this week, I wondered if there could such a thing as too much smelling of roses?  The Youngest Scroggins feels the need to stop, examine, smell, and identify every flower, brick, animal, or piece of inquisitive dirt along our path.  Our brisk walks turn into leisurely strolls.  We take note of shops, cars, other people, and even music–stopping to bust a move as a passing car busts out the latest Black Eyed Peas jive.

Actually, that might have been the highlight of my day-seeing him feel the music right there on the streets of San Antonio.  He even got a few high fives from passers-by.  At one point, I tried a conversation with him–trying to tell him that we should keep up a pace, stop and see a lot of flowers, but maybe not EVERY SINGLE ONE.  His response?  A Big Sniff.  And, “But, Mommy, there’s so much to smell!”

And again, Mother Nature is literally telling me to get over myself, and smell already.

Ok…I get it already.  I’m smelling…in big sniffs.