This weekend, a few friends and I went on a field trip to Canton, something I’m forever planning and cancelling because apparently my First Monday Weekends are always booked with things “more important” than shopping.  But, this weekend we made it happen, and spent the day lurking in product booths, snacking on cheesy nachos, and finding  the most amazing treasures.  I’m sure everyone out there has been time and again, but if you haven’t, definitely put it on your to do list (a great girls weekend outing!)

What was our most amazing find you ask?  I have to say it was the Bandeez Headband.  We stumbled upon the booth almost by accident, and were immediately swooped up by the salesperson and used as models for the “life-changing headband.”  Of course we felt awkward and a little conspicuous being used in such a way, but after experiencing the head band first hand, we were all hooked.  Personally, I love a good head band or hair accessory, but they constantly slip off my head.  This head band has little grippers that actually hold it in place, and can be used on babies and mommies alike.  All three of us walked away with at least four treasures and prided ourselves on our experienced shopper status and eye for the amazing.  A definite highlight in the day!

And then we headed for the funnel cakes.