The Scroggins Clan has graduated to a whole new level in the car seat experience.  Yesterday we retired the big booster seat for the basic bottom car seat, and not only does the Mom Vehicle look somewhat normal, ALL THE CHILDREN CAN BUCKLE THEMSELVES INTO THE CAR.

You really do not understand the magnitude of this to me.  For nine NINE (9!!!), really almost TEN years (a decade!), I have crawled into a car, found a belt, maneuvered the buckles, and strapped in a small human.  As of today, I can simply jump in the car and exclaim “load up!”  And, all of the little humans (in theory) can pile into the car and buckle themselves.

I might actually remember my purse, phone, diet coke, and everything else.  I might actually get away from the house in less than ten minutes!  I might actually be in the transition to NORMAL person and not only that, but have other NORMAL people in my car with me!  Not just these little people that require constant maintenance.

It’s so exhilarating.  Amazing, really.