We have a few family pets.  A family Dog.  A family Cat.  And, a Family Hampster.  Do you have an idea where this is going?

Well, it hasn’t gone there yet, but the Family Cat is most obsessed with the Family Hampster, and has taken to spending excessive amounts of time in the room with the hampster… sleeping, dozing, cat napping, gazing…whatever it is that cats do, this cat is doing in the room with the hampster.  I have a sneaking feeling Cat is waiting for Hampster to break free from the cage and literally jump into Cat’s mouth.

And, I have a sneaking feeling that when one of the Scroggins hoodlums holds said Hampster, the Circle of Life might be unveiled.  If and when that happens, I will have to cousel the Hoodlums with the fallout.  And, what a fallout it could be.

Please help me hope that doesn’t happen.  The fear of the drama of that situation makes me really, really…REALLY tired.