I’ve had a few brainstorms in my Mommy Journey-but only a few.  One such brainstorm evolved from 1-never having a gift card to go with a gift, be it a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or just because gift.  I might remember to buy a gift bag, or at least have a second-hand one available in the gift closet, but the card?  Never around.  2-I am not a fan of purchasing the gift card anyway.  $2-$3 for a note that says Happy Birthday that most of the time, hopefully gets recycled, but probably actually gets trashed.

So, I researched the Gift Tag:

I found the solution to my Gift Card problem at www.erincondren.com which makes the cutest Gift Tags ever.  Slap a sticker on a gift, and you’re good to go.  No card needed.  :)  Tags always available. 

Seriously, my favorite.