It is very important to protect your well and outside water pipes.  It is also important to buy the supplies needed to do this BEFORE the ice storm actually hits.

We need a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

Kids don’t believe it when you say 11 degrees is too cold to play outside.

I am a very social creature, despite my shy nature.  Five days in the house with my family leads to semi-delirium.

I can only watch four movies in one day, and even then I feel like a total sloth.

We need to make efforts to purchase actual winter clothing, ie waterproof gloves and not the $1 Wal Mart kind.

11 degrees is way colder than 32.

Now I really REALLY want some UGGS.

Ice and Snow can mess up travel plans from people as far away as Houston.

The Daddy is an important element in snow play.

I shouldn’t laugh at the people “stocking up” at the Wal Marts.  We ran out of Diet Coke on Day 2, and it almost got ugly.

I can make fire.

It takes A LOT of firewood to keep a fire going for five days.

People will always try to drive on ice.  I think it’s because they want to be seen on the news as the “poor car stuck in the same place for hours.”

I never want to drive a Semi, especially in the ice.  It is their destiny to wreck.

You can get pink eye even when stuck in the house for four days, and the temperature outside has not risen above freezing for 80 hours.

It confuses me how the news people manage to get to work on time, despite the bad roads, only to tell us not to get out on the roads.

Dogs love snow.

In a pinch, I CAN cook.  EVEN from a recipe!

There might be such a thing as too much family bonding.

I’m not sure what I did before the most wonderful invention of texting.

I still like a good snow day, but four in a row is just too many.  Way too many.

Friends are amazing.

Summer is my favorite.