Ok, I’m one of those that wishes for snow days.  I love the unexpected turn of events that saddles us at home with the family and nothing on the agenda of “to do.”  But, I’m done now.  Going on Day 4 is about to drive this Momma a little crazy in the head.  To their credit, the kids haven’t been TERRIBLE, but I have had to play referee way more than I like.  My son sketched out a schedule for today, which was only fair given the regiment we followed yesterday under his sister’s leadership.  But, we had to interrupt that schedule for a quick trip to the doctor–we have had quite the sickly 2011, and I was getting nervous at my second grader’s angry cough.  The Good News:  lungs clear.  The Bad News (x2):  The cough could last up to six weeks, and we will need to follow a new and improved schedule tomorrow.  Yay!  Memories.

But now, this weather is impeding my fun.  Book Club:  Postponed.  :(  Out of Town Visitors:  Canceled.  :(  Fun Friday Afternoon:  Highly Unlikely.  :(

Ok ice, you can melt now.  We get it.  You win.