We survived today, but now have an entirely new snow day looming in our future for tomorrow.  My daughter made us a schedule of events to keep us entertained today, and my son is currently working on one for tomorrow.  Surprisingly, the schedule helped with a little of the boredom and sibling hatred that can arise from intensive family bonding.  Here’s how it went:

8:30-9:30:  Breakfast and rehearse play (written by said daughter)

9:30-10:  Perform and film play

10-11:  Technology Time:  itouch, tv, leapster, wii, computer, etc. (Never was this an option in MY childhood!)

11-11:45:  Family Wii Time  (sounds like technology time to me, but hey that one hour of me time was GREATNESS)

11:45-12:30:  Make sugar cookies (This didn’t work out today because I ran out of butter.  I guess I should have made a run on the Wal Marts like the rest of Wise County on Monday.)

12:30-1:  Lunch

1-1:45:  alone time in rooms (YESSSSS!!!)

1:45-2:  Snow Time (They wouldn’t have lasted much longer!)

2-4:  Movie Time (We opted for Toy Story 3, sniff, sniff…)

4-4:30:  Dance Off

4:30-6:30:  Movie Time with Daddy Popcorn (kettle popped, not microwave)

6:30-7:  Supper

7-8: Read books

8:  Bedtime (I’ll believe it when I see it!)

We’ll see how tomorrow goes, but I have to admit, today was rather pleasant.  I do have some of my own chores to do, and somehow keep getting distracted by said schedule, but maybe tomorrow will allow me the time to cross those things off the list!  I’ve already requested an hour of Lego Land Building-gotta practice those problem solving math skills!