I’ll admit, I’m the very worst most horrible teacher of how to tie shoes.  Ever.  On top of that, I’m OK with tying shoes of children indefinitely because even when they seem to “master” (notice the “”) the skill, they are still very, very bad at it.  It just has always seemed easier with my litter of children to line them up, slap on their shoes, and tie them up–the shoes, not the children.

But, I do realize that my children are seriously lacking this important social skill.  In fact, my second grader has had many the breakdown because of his ineptitude of said skill.  So, we made a goal this year that all Scroggins household members would be card carrying members of the shoe tying club before the end of the year.  I promise, it’s a tall order. 

My daughter has it down.  I mean, she’s nine.  She should.  The boys are the ones till in-progress.  But, the extreme small muscle control and observation skills it takes to hold the “bunny ear” and “find the hole” is just…so….much–for this mom anyway.

However, today we had success!  Ah-Ha, light bulb moments flashing all over the place!  One boy down, one boy to go.  All said bunny ears were found, wrapped, and pulled through.  The double knot is still a little shaky, but this is a very, very good start.

Yes!!  They CAN learn!  Amazing.