January is a hard month, don’t you think?  I don’t know if it’s let down from the fun-filled month of December, the cold weather, or the general lack of holidays.  We love a good celebration at the Scroggins house, and January just leaves us wanting!  The one true solace that January usually brings is some kind of cozy up and snuggle day, be that a snow day or a day like yesterday-just cold and drizzly.  After church, we literally changed back into pajamas, ate lunch, and all piled up on the couch for a movie marathon.  It felt good to light a fire, pop some popcorn, and just be still.  Even the kids participated in the activity of doing nothing!  It makes me wonder how long I’ll be able to hold them hostage for an afternoon like that.  And, it makes me appreciate the doldrums of January–I guess every month is good for something.