I don’t know if our immune systems go on vacation the week after Christmas, or all the germs decide to take up residence at our house that week, but it never fails that we get sick.  Some years it has been serious, with things like RSV, pnemonia,  the dreaded stomach flu, or even the real live Flu.  This year is no different, it’s just that the sickness is taking more than one week to leave our residence.  Perhaps it’s because there are more people in the house to infect, and it’s just too dang fun to people hop if you’re a mean-natured bacteria or virus.  Whatever the reason, I’m ready for all illness to exit our household.  Immediately.

This last one even had the nerve to take on the husband.  He actually stayed home from work today, feverish and shivery.  That’s just never ever good, mostly because I have to be caretaker, and since my sinuses, throat, and head are in need of repair, he’s kind of on his own.  So far, only one member of the family is left standing, and we are in quarantine mode to hopefully make sure it stays that way.

But, with all my friends dropping like flies, I don’t hold out much hope.

Here’s to the SECOND week of 2011.  May it be free of sickness, and full of happy snow days as we encounter that Arctic Blast the news is taunting us with.