We’ve had our thank you notes on the counter for a few days, and they are beckoning.  I mean, Christmas was over a week ago!  We are seriously late with our gratitude.  My mom instilled the importance of the Thank You Note somehow.  I can’t remember if it was growing up, writing thank yous for all birthday and Christmas presents or if it was during the graduation/wedding seasons of my life.  In any case, I have serious guilt when I am blessed with a gift and do not get a thank you note out immediately.

My husband was a hard sell, though.  It took me fifteen years to get it through his semi-thick head that thank you notes were appreciated.  His argument:  “Are they going to say THANK YOU for the THANK YOU note?  Then, do I say THANK YOU for saying THANK YOU for the THANK YOU note? Where does it end?”  Somehow, he came around though, and is not beating me to the punch and getting his notes out before me.  He even asked me to buy him notes so he could write them.  Amazing.  My work here is done.

Now, to the kids…I guess I still have work to do.  Gotta get on that.