2011.  Can you believe it?  It feels like we should be driving around in flying cars or at least have the fancy meal maker like in The Jetsons.  Alas, we are still at the mercy of stoves, ovens, and microwaves, but do have these fancy smartphones that tend to rule our lives and our brains.  So, that’s something…looking at my smartphone and our calendar, I’m anxious to see what this year will bring.  This year my daughter will enter double digits, my oldest son’s front teeth will finally come in (hopefully!), and my youngest son will start kindergarten.  Those are “for sures,” and it’s the “maybes” that really get my mind going.

Maybe my house will seem less crazy?  Maybe we will get another dog?  Maybe we will go on a summer roadtrip?  Maybe my daughter will go away to summer camp?  Maybe my son will read a 300 page book?  Maybe I will read a 300 page book?  on a Kindle?  or a Nook?  Maybe I will get better at making decisions?  Or maybe not.  Maybe I will make time to get all my pictures organized in photo books?  Maybe my husband and I will get to sneak away to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary?  Maybe we will get the chance to visit family more often?  Maybe my kids will stop picking their noses!  Maybe I will learn to be still.  Maybe THEY will learn to be still!

Whatever 2011 has planned for us, I’m excited.  I’m anxious.  I’m a little nervous. Of course.  I wouldn’t be me otherwise.  What are you looking forward to?