We finished up our celebrations late last night, and today have been reflecting on all our blessings while we try to find our house from the inside out.  I don’t know if it’s the constant coming and going, the presents, the cooking, or the general piling up of chores, but the week after Christmas is always dedicated to cleaning up and cleaning out.  This is when we Spring Clean and make those stacks for future garage sales.  It’s nice to start the new year freshly organized, and to make goals to continue that organization!

Other than feeding my OCD, I love the week after Christmas because of the lazy factor.  In the Scroggins house, we tend to watch a lot of movies, play with our new gizmos, and spend a few days in our PJs.  This is the only time of year that even seems possible, and it’s becoming more sacred as the years tick by.  Maybe it even counts as one of our many holiday traditions?

Gotta run, time to play pictionary with the hoodlums.