Speaking of Charlie Brown, I’m feeling his pain a little this year.

Charlie Brown: I think there must be something wrong with me, Linus. Christmas is coming, but I’m not happy. I don’t feel the way I’m supposed to feel.
Charlie Brown: I just don’t understand Christmas, I guess. I like getting presents and sending Christmas cards and decorating trees and all that, but I’m still not happy. I always end up feeling depressed.
Linus Van Pelt: Charlie Brown, you’re the only person I know who can take a wonderful season like Christmas and turn it into a problem. Maybe Lucy’s right. Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, you’re the Charlie Browniest

I’m the biggest fan of the Holiday Season there is, but this year I feel like I’m doing all the things I normally doing, but the Holly Jolly is missing from my Deck the Halls, and I can’t really figure out why.  I guess I sort of feel that it snuck up on me, and that my Holiday To Do is endless.   Don’t get me wrong, I love my Holiday To Do.  I actually enjoy decorating the house, shopping, listening to music, and seeing Santa.  I love it all, even in my old age, I still love the possiblities and Magic of every part of this Season. In fact, one of my absolute favorite parts is The Christmas Card.  I’m one of those annoying people that write Letters every year summarizing our ups and downs in one page or less, and I love it.  I really do.  I love sitting down to write the letter, getting the perfect picture to include with the letter, addressing and stamping the envelopes, and sending them out in the mail.  I love hearing people say they liked our card, or enjoyed our letter. I love going through past years’ letters and reading about the life we have lived, both as a couple and as a family.  I love love love the letter, and just as much, I love opening my mailbox everyday during December and receiving Cards and Letters from friends and family, checking in with those I love.

THAT’S IT!! (in true Charlie Brown fashion)

I haven’t written my letter yet, and it’s usually at the top of my List.  I guess I haven’t had time, or more accurately, taken the time to reflect on our year, and truly know what it is I am thankful for, because that’s what my letter does for me.  Many years I’ve actually had tears come to my eyes as I’ve typed out our short history.  Yes.  I am that sappy.  But, sometimes, until it’s right there in black and white it’s just so easy to take for granted the many many blessings we have-even those years where it felt like the cards were stacked against the Scroggins Clan, I was able to bring it home with tidings of Great Joy.

So, this weekend I will write my letter.  I can’t let this crazy chapter of my life get the better of me.  Sappy Danielle will prevail.  In fact, as I type this, I can’t help but smile as my youngest watches A Charlie Brown Christmas (for the 300th time) and hums O Christmas Tree.  What more could I possibly need to get me in the Spirit?