same kind

My book club met tonight to discuss Same Kind of Different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.  It’s an amazing story outlining one couple’s dedication to ministering to the homeless in Fort Worth.  Through their service at the Union Gospel Mission, the couple established a friendship with one of the homeless men.  A friendship that would change their lives forever. 

I am all about relationships, friendships and connections.  For me, it’s these experiences that define our daily lives, our ourselves, and our existence.  So, to read this true story, and to match that story with the concrete landmarks that I know in Fort Worth, was overwhelming.  Some moments in life, through books, movies or just everyday occurences change you forever.  Sometimes big changes, sometimes little changes, but those changes affect your core, and curve your path.  This book did that for me.  It startled me into reality; some parts of which I didn’t realize, or want to realize, and others of which I just ignored.  Either way, the jolt was good for me.  I need reminders of “the big picture.”  I need little nudges about the “stuff in the middle.”  Otherwise, I get caught up in my own to-dos, my own schedule, and my own life.  In the meantime, I’ve survived, but not really lived.

If you have a few minutes over the long weekend, pick up this little gem.  Think of your legacy to your children, and how they will know you lived everyday with intent, purpose, and love.  Think of how we are all different, but under the surface, so much the same.