We started decorating for Christmas this past weekend, given that, for us, the weekend after Thanksgiving is booked hour to hour with everything from shopping at 3am to your basic family bonding with eggnog and Christmas Tree Decorating.

So, in my decorating stupor, I had the ambitious thought to frame all Santa Pictures from the beginning of our parenting days.  Great thought, right?  Well, I came across three pictures.  THREE.  I was shocked-I was certain that just couldn’t be right!  I’ve had at least one kid for nine (NINE) years, and I could only drum up THREE pictures?? 

This just isn’t possible. For one, I’m super organized.  I feel I can say that without it being taken as bragging, because sometimes I think people pity my OCD tendencies, and realize it’s more of a sickness than a skill.  So, there’s that.  But, there’s also the fact that I’m a lover of pictures, and a scrapbooker at heart.  Before all these children took all my time, I spent hours pouring over the perfect layout, the perfect sticker, and the perfect paper to memorialize an event in one of my many (many) scrapbooks.  So, on top of being super-organized, I am all about preserving the memories!

Since I couldn’t possibly figure out how this tragedy occured, I called my husband-he has the memory of an elephant and would be able to recount every Christmas since his own birth-so our childrens’ Christmas memories would be no problem.  He was able to walk me through every year, which Santa, which location, blah blah blah.  Apparently, there were at least two years where my children would have nothing to do with Santa.  Sometimes Santa was a good sport, and held my screaming, crying children, but other years he just wasn’t that into that part of his job.  And, I guess I was in a sleep-deprived coma during that time since I only have foggy memories of seeing Santa at all, let alone him refusing to hold my children.

I feel like a loser mom-I bet there are moms out there with Santa pictures from the womb to age 18.  I don’t.  I did manage to scrounge up a few snapshots that I had put into those precious scrapbooks–I can scan those and have a partial Santa timeline to frame for Holidays to come.  So, this is my new goal-Santa pictures from NOW ON!  I’m sure when the kids are teenagers they will lovingly cooperate with me, and hopefully I will be rested enough to actively commit those outings to memory. 

In looking for those Santa pictures, I couldn’t help but pause and gaze at their baby and toddler pictures.  They are growing up so fast…no wonder I freaked a bit and wanted to freeze them in a frame with Santa.  I can do that, right?  Freeze time?