I’ve been without a Driver’s License for about a month.  I’m sure I stuck it in a super cute purse that perfectly matched an outfit for one evening out on the town-kid free.  And, I was so excited about being kid-free that I paid no attention to whether the license stayed in said cute purse/matching outfit.  Now it’s in Driver’s License Limbo-Land; I suppose that’s my consequence for putting fashion above practicality.  Lesson Learned-always put the driver’s license in a super secure location-like the husband’s wallet.  I bet the cute purse was only big enough for that perfect lipstick anyway.  I’ve been patiently waiting for it to turn up these past few weeks, just knowing I’d open a bag or a wallet and there it would be-like magic.

So far, no such luck. 

Now, I have to make a dreaded trip to the Department of Public Safety, and stand in line and probably even have my picture made.  Ugh.  UGH!  I tried to renew it online, and crossed my fingers as I entered in this verification number, and that security number, but again, no such luck.

I’m just going to have to pony up, probably with the kids in tow, and make the trip.  I’ve been illegal for long enough.  It was due anyway; I’ve had the wrong address on said lost license for over three years now. 

Don’t tell the authorities.  Hopefully this all works out; I’m legal by the end of the day tomorrow, and not insane by the process to make that happen.

Positive energy welcome.