If I didn’t know better, I would have thought we were on a hidden camera TV show tonight.  We were beyond dysfunctional, and now that the evening is over, I can laugh about it.

First, the costumes.  We had major costume malfunctions going on left and right at the Scroggins house.  I had two X Wing Fighter Pilots (for you Star Wars Fans out there), and those costumes came with straps and Velcro that took a Master’s degree to figure out (literally.)  Secondly, there was a helmet issue.  The masterful packers of the online costume store very productively packed two right sides to the X Wing helmet, instead of a left and right side.  Being that my husband is a great problem solver, we made due with the helmet, but it was tense for a good thirty minutes.  While the Star Wars Costume dilemma was occurring, I was frantically trying to make up a witch, with JUST THE RIGHT AMOUNT of glitter.  Not too much, and not too little.  The Pressure.  Once we finally were dressed and headed out the door, it took a minute to snag a picture.  WHEN will my children quietly stand and pose for a picture?  You’d think I have beat them down enough by now that they would be trained, but nope-my husband and I are still doing everything but dancing like a monkey to get them to not only LOOK at the camera, but also have a pleasant look on their face at the same time.  I snapped as many as I could, and hoped for the best.  As we loaded the car, spooky fingernails popped off the Witch, an X Wing Pilot’s belt unvelcroed, and I dang near dropped my fancy Fall Punch all over the driveway.


We made it to Grandma House #1 for Tricks and Treats, OOOS and AAHHHS, and talked a couple kids off a ledge when Grandma wasn’t quite sure the difference in a Storm Trooper and an X Wing Pilot, or a Vampire and a Witch.  Assured they looked fantastic, we went on to Grandma House #2, and the same routine for Tricks and Treats.  Back in the car, we finally headed to our Halloween Destination just in time to make the rounds with all the Crew for even more Treats-no tricks this time. 

They were off before we even closed the door to the truck.  The older kids literally sprinted from house to house, frantically filling their buckets to near overflowing with candy.  We managed to reign them in at a house or two, much to their dismay.  Apparently, it’s super cool to be on  your own WITHOUT parents during the Tricks and Treats.  Really?  But I thought we were such fun parents!

After a quick breeze by a Trunk or Treat, we settled down to cheer on the Rangers, and the kids gazed at their stash…a successful night despite the Crazy it started with.  Now, Go Rangers!

I’m beat!