Have you ever noticed that some things are so very difficult to find at the local Wal-Mart?  I don’t mean to just pick on just Wal-Mart; sometimes things are just as difficult to find at the lovely Target, or even a grocery store.

Like matches.

Granted, they don’t have an “official” isle, but today I couldn’t even begin to guess what section of the store they might live.  I finally had to ask the Wal-Mart Gurus, and amazingly-they were found in the kitchen gadget isle.  Who would’ve thought?  Can openers and matches all in the same place…Amazing.

There should be a “general stuff that doesn’t have a home” kind of isle, and things like matches, Off, batteries, peanuts, stick-on-the-wall-hooks, and FLY SWATTERS could be all in the same place.

Just a thought.