Our toy capacity was at its maximum this evening, so after quickly tucking the kids into bed, we raided their rooms. 

I always feel a little guilty at sorting and parting with toys–mostly because of the whole Toy Story movie phenomenon, but of course, being the sappy one that I am, I also have treasured memories of almost every toy.  Be it the baby toys (which some I still can’t part with), the toy they wanted SO BADLY for Christmas one year, or maybe the very FIRST toy of a kind…like the first Barbie, or the first Star Wars Ship.

However, when all the parts are missing to a toy–that’s an entirely different story.  I start throwing them out right and left if there’s a missing car, gun, wing, or head.  Sometimes I make the wrong decision, and throw away a precious-half-mutilated treasure, but that’s my general guideline…Hopefully that’s teaching the children to keep all toy parts intact.  They haven’t quite learned that part of the lesson, so I guess it’s still a work-in-progress.

Stuffed animals are a hard one for me though.  We could run our own stuffed animal zoo over here, and for the life of me the best I can do is just box a few up and throw them in the attic to “think about later.”  They’re just too cozy.  We love Cozy at the Scroggins House.

So, it’s back to work for now…gotta make room for more Star Wars hoopla, and maybe a few more teddy bears too…just in case.