Last week, at my son’s baseball game, I was peer pressured into keeping the Official Book.  I’ve never ever kept the books at a baseball game, and barely know the official numbers of the outfield positions.  But, a trusty friend turned to the front of the book, motioned to the directions, and wished me luck. 

Umm, what??

I mean, it was 7 year old baseball, but still.  I was feeling a little stressed.

So, I quickly read over the directions, and looked through some of the previous entries to get my bearings, and started serving as Official Book Keeper.  Luckily, baseball moves slowly, and 7 year old baseball moves even slower, so I was able to keep up.  But, as the second inning began, there was a batting order mix up…and I had a freak out moment.  I was sure I was the one making a mistake, with all of my ten minutes of experience on the job and all, but I quickly surveyed some people around me, and they all agreed I had to stop the game.

So, I did.

And there was a middle-of-the-field-conference to discuss the discrepency in the details of the documentation.  (sorry, got a little carried away with my alliteration there).

Anyway, it turned out I was right, and there was a batter left off the list.  By the time the issue was resolved, a veteran book keeper had arrived, and I quickly surrendered my duties, but planted myself by his side to learn the tricks of the trade.

For next time.

Because, I’m thinking there are A LOT of baseball games in my future, and I might as well be prepared.

But, I had to brag that those first few innings I ROCKED the 7-year old baseball books, and now I’ve got some mad skillz.