It’s that time again.

The Scroggins Five will be sporting their Decatur Blue t-shirts to school tomorrow, and I imagine we might splurge on a few Eagle tattoos while we’re at it.  We plan to meet up with our fellow season-ticket holders to make a gameplan for the game.  Our kids are still a little high maintenance, and while some still sit in our laps, others are confined to the “fence” (you know what I’m talking about), and then there’s the older ones that think they are ready to wander.  We’ve got the buddy system already in place, but sometimes thos kids-they think they are smarter than the Moms!  Silly, isn’t it?

But we’re all excited.

We are excited about seeing friends that attend other elementaries this year.  We are excited about hearing the band play the Fight Song for the first time this Fall.  We are excited to see how the Football Team will perform…but most of all, we are just excited to walk through those stadium gates, under the stadium lights and continue the tradition of Our Small Town.

Go Eagles!